100 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Short on real estate marketing ideas? Here are 100 suggestions you can choose from to jump-start your efforts, help you build your brand and attract more business. Check off the items you’ve completed so far — and consider the ones you haven’t. They could be the key to your future success!

Incorporate social media

  1. Create a Facebook page just for your business instead of using your personal account.
  2. Tweet out the details of your next open house.
  3. Make short videos of your listings, team, happy clients, neighborhood events — anything that will engage your audience — and post them to your new business Facebook page.
  4. Post photos of the best features of each of your listings to Instagram.
  5. Update your LinkedIn profile. Make connections, write or repost articles and comment on your connections’ posts.
  6. Host a Q&A session at your next open house event and use Facebook or Instagram Live to live-stream it. Let buyers know when you’ll be live so that they can join in.
  7. Create Pinterest boards to show off your listings and neighborhood features, plus home décor ideas, seasonal tips and DIY home projects.
  8. Review neighborhood restaurants, museums and other attractions.
  9. Ask questions on social media that engage your followers to spread your name even further.
  10. Use hashtags for popular and relevant topics to give people a way to discover your content.
  11. Like and comment on your leads’ and clients’ social media posts. (But don’t be a stalker.)

Improve your online presence

  1. Create a video walkthrough for your newest listing.
  2. Update your website for a new look.
  3. Create online real estate “lookbooks” centered on a common theme such as a certain property type or architecture, a trendy color or a décor style.
  4. Post industry reports and guides that visitors to your website can download if they submit their contact information.
  5. Add an IDX feed to your website to show the very latest listings without having to post them yourself.
  6. Flex your writing muscles with some creative, alluring and unusual descriptions for your listings.
  7. Post videos of home tours, profiles of your team members, client testimonials, family-friendly local event dates and topical industry updates to your website and business Facebook page.
  8. Optimize your website and content for search engines by researching top real estate search terms on Google and writing articles on those subjects.
  9. Mobile phones account for at least 25 percent of all web browsing, and it’s growing. Check your website on your phone. If it’s not usable, switch to a mobile-responsive template. Switch services if yours doesn’t have one.
  10. Start a blog.
  11. Offer to write an article for a colleague’s blog.
  12. Add a poll on your website that visitors can answer with one click, then include the results and your expert commentary on the confirmation page.
  13. Take photos of your local area and post them on your website.
  14. Share the latest real estate and mortgage data on your website.
  15. Post letters from happy clients.
  16. Create a webpage for each neighborhood in your area and include tidbits only a local real estate professional like you would know.
  17. Refresh the ‘About me’ and ‘Service areas’ sections of your Zillow Group agent profile. If you haven’t yet created a free agent profile, set up one now to start building an online presence where home shoppers search.
  18. Update your sales history on your agent profile.
  19. Make sure all your listings are connected to your agent profile.
  20. Ask clients for reviews to add to your agent profile.
  21. Publish your client reviews on your own website.
  22. Respond to every review — positive, negative or neutral. You’ll look professional and focused on customer service (stay positive!).
  23. Advertise yourself and your team across Zillow Group sites.
  24. Write some articles and add a new article category to your blog, such as Ask the Expert, Industry Trends or Did You Know?
  25. Collect email addresses at open houses and on your website. Send a monthly newsletter to your growing list.
  26. Clean up your visual identity (logo, fonts, colors). Make sure all your materials — printed and digital — look like they came from the same company.

Revisit tried and true marketing tactics

  1. Send out postcards highlighting your Just Sold listings in the area.
  2. Send postcards to showcase your Just Listed homes.
  3. Share recent industry data through a postcard campaign.
  4. Send out a monthly postcard with a neighborhood’s “must-see” amenities.
  5. Start knocking on doors in different neighborhoods once a month to introduce yourself.
  6. Update the layout of your ads and signage with a more modern look.
  7. Carry up-to-date, professionally printed materials with you in your purse or laptop case to give out at a moment’s notice.
  8. Get a new professional headshot taken and replace the old one in your print and online materials.

Optimize your real estate lead generation

  1. Go through your contact list and consolidate all your contacts, leads and clients.
  2. Dedicate an hour or two every day to reaching out to clients and potential clients.
  3. Make sure your contact list database has a space for noting how each contact and lead found you. Be sure to include it for new contacts so that you know which lead generation methods are the most effective.
  4. Offer a reward to past clients for referring their friends to you.
  5. Encourage your clients to submit reviews by holding a drawing for everyone who’s contributed.
  6. Offer your services at a discount or include a free add-on (like swag or a coupon for free housecleaning) for a limited-time.
  7. Work your sphere of influence (SOI) by inviting local service providers — mortgage officers, interior design firms, home improvement shops — out for coffee or lunch.
  8. Cross-promote your services with your professional network or neighborhood service providers by holding raffles for contacts to win 2 hours of time or skills.
  9. Scour expired and withdrawn listings for potential re-listing with you.
  10. Offer your assistance to homeowners selling FSBO.
  11. Send birthday or anniversary cards to contacts, current and past clients, and your SOI.
  12. Mail holiday cards to contacts in your database.
  13. Send a card wishing a safe journey to seller clients who are moving away and make a point of keeping in touch with them.
  14. Expand your SOI by introducing yourself to new local businesses.
  15. Start drip campaigns for maintaining contact with leads, contacts and clients.
  16. Review your past sales to identify where you’ve succeeded the most, and focus your efforts there. Is there a property type you’re best at selling? Does one demographic resonate with you better than another? Are there certain neighborhoods you should focus on?
  17. Use your car to advertise. Get a wrap or magnetic sign to display your contact information. Don’t forget to add a custom frame for your license plate with your website and phone number.

Leverage events

  1. Hold an annual holiday party.
  2. Host a client appreciation event outside of the holiday season.
  3. Throw a Halloween party for the neighborhood kids.
  4. Advertise drawings at your events and tell invitees they’ll earn an extra entry if they bring a friend interested in real estate services.
  5. Invest in your community by sponsoring a local improvement project, such as cleaning up a little league baseball diamond or pitching in at a local food bank.
  6. Host a fundraising event for a local service organization.
  7. Invite clients to help at your community service event. Mention the event frequently on social media platforms and on your website.
  8. Host a real estate seminar on a trending topic.
  9. Kick your open houses up a notch to attract more buyers. Change up the time and day, add unique food stations, have it professionally staged or decorated for a theme.
  10. Use your open house events to attract seller clients, too.
  11. Sponsor or advertise on industry online events such as webinars and Twitter chats.
  12. Host a series of how-to classes. Highlight your network by inviting guest speakers from your pool of lending, home improvement and interior decorating experts.
  13. Return the favor by offering your expertise at their events as well.
  14. Offer to speak at high schools or colleges to provide information about home buying and get them thinking about their long-term plans and resources.

Show appreciation for your clients

  1. Get out of the gift rut: Try giving something entirely different for closings or holidays.
  2. Give a hoodie or t-shirt with your logo on the back as gifts or prizes. Make sure each recipient is happy to wear your logo on their back.
  3. Give a traditional gift for your new buyer’s housewarming anniversary gift . For example, if it’s the paper anniversary (one year), create a calendar featuring pictures you took of their new home.
  4. Give services instead of stuff —like meal delivery, spa treatment, lawn maintenance or housekeeping.
  5. Donate in your client’s name to a charity that’s near and dear to them.
  6. Create moving kits filled with items that can be custom-printed with your logo — marker pens, strapping tape, box labels, zip-top bags in various sizes — and other helpful supplies such as bubble wrap and newspaper.
  7. Jot down items that clients mention they like or want for their new home, then present one of them as a thank you or housewarming gift after closing.
  8. Go high-tech: Apple Watches all around!
  9. Go low-tech: Drop off a plate of homemade cookies just to say hello.

Fine-tune your inner workings

  1. Use a real estate CRM to organize, track and automate many of your customer interaction tasks so that you can spend more time on lead generation.
  2. Create and practice scripts of common scenarios with your team to help you all respond effectively.
  3. Stay informed. Catch up on industry blogs, magazines and news sites to stay current on the issues and trends that affect your business.
  4. Reconnect with your real estate mentor to get their feedback and a fresh perspective on your work.
  5. Register for a few upcoming industry conferences and seminars.
  6. Make the rounds at local networking events.
  7. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and network with other professionals in your community.
  8. Rededicate yourself to providing stellar customer service. Take a hard look at the reviews where you’ve been told you could use a little work. Pick one or two areas to focus on and make a plan for improving.
  9. Create a list of trusted service providers (including mortgage, inspectors, attorneys, staging or interior design, cleaning, moving, landscaping, roofing, plumbing, electrical) and stock up on their business cards. Keep them at the ready to hand off to clients when they need these services.
  10. Include affiliations you have in other states in your advertising and marketing materials so that buyers and sellers know they can ping you for out-of-state referral.
  11. Create or revisit your marketing plan. How are you doing on the year’s goals? Rethink the effectiveness of your strategies and tactics and revise your plan as needed.
  12. Keep an eye on your competition, see where they have an edge and identify if there are areas where you need to beef up your efforts.

Use the local media

  1. Send a press release to local media for genuinely noteworthy happenings for your business, such as your team participating in a local stewardship project, your upcoming speaking engagements, new hires or opening a new office. Post to your site as well.
  2. Write a monthly or quarterly expert column to submit as an advertorial in your local newspaper. Yes, it’s paid advertising, but your message still provides credible and valuable real estate expertise.
  3. Get to know your local newspaper’s real estate or business editor by inviting them out for lunch or coffee.

Source: PremierAgent