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Kimberly Harrison-Senter

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THE DETAILS MAKE THE STORY. My mother has always had a love and appreciation for design. She wasn’t professionally trained, but had a natural aptitude for architecture and interior design, and had this uncanny way of noticing even the smallest of details (and still does today). It’s something she would quietly pass down to me throughout the years. As a child, I didn’t spend my weekends going to the movies or the mall like other kids my age – instead, I would spend my Saturday & Sunday afternoons “house browsing” with my mom. We would scope out new construction home sites and tour every open house we could get into, secretly dissecting everything we came into contact with– what was good, what was absolutely wrong, and how we would have approached the layout or design finishes slightly differently. We could not actually afford most of the homes we explored so this became our way of dreaming, reaching, and painting what we desperately wanted for our futures.​

Those weekends, minding the details, became deeply rooted at my core and have shaped my life and career. I spent more than a decade building and accelerating growth for numerous big brands as a marketer — identifying the right target audience, pinpointing what motivates and makes them tick, determining where to find them, and decoding the difference between what they say and what they really mean. While I enjoy discovering insights and developing strategies to engage large audiences, I’m drawn to connecting with individuals and families on a more personal level to help them create new beginnings. Life has seemingly come full circle. I get to take everything that I’ve practiced and honed on a large scale and use it to create value and assist my clients in one of the biggest decisions of their lives…their home.​

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