This Entire Hackensack Street Goes All Out For Halloween

Nearly every family on Clinton Place was outside on Sunday hanging Halloween decorations. Or at least, some decorations.

The others would have to wait until another day because for many families on the Hackensack street, one day isn’t enough to prepare for the holiday.

The neighborhood has become well-known across North Jersey for its over-the-top decorations. On Halloween night, the block is closed off for the nearly 8,000 trick-or-treaters that flood the sidewalks.

Ralph and Maria-Rose Contini were working on building permanent piping to display Bruce — one of the many wooden “Finding Nemo” characters that they’ve displayed on their lawn for 12 years — when Daily Voice stopped by.

Across the street, Eric and Stephanie Von Rudenborg, along with their three youngsters, were just getting started on the massive, inflatable ghost.

Some houses were already complete with headstones, zombies, jack-o-lanterns and bloodied mannequins across the front yards.

Clinton Place resident Ellyn Ward knew she had big shoes to fill if she was going to move in a decade ago.

The house was formerly occupied by the late Walter Smith, who every Halloween would dangle a massive spider from his balcony, dropping it on trick-or-treaters as they left.

When Ward visited the home, the spider was resting on the balcony, and her real estate agent was very clear.

“‘This street is the Halloween street,'” Ward said quoting the agent. “‘You don’t have to participate but if you choose not to, I don’t know how people will respond.'”

Source: Hackensack Lifestyle